Our Commitment

“We will always strive to provide professional services to the very best of our ability”.

With an experienced and vibrant team, “UDUPAS” continuously produces high standards through all its events. They are proud of their reputation for repeat clientele. With so many long standing clients, UDUPAS challenge is to lift the bench mark higher and higher. A challenge we confidently achieve.

“UDUPAS” is dedicated to delivering quality events and concepts utilizing the best resources available for the benefit of our clients. Few organizations have the personnel, time and expertise to run events as efficiently and effectively as a dedicated professional event company.

This is where “UDUPAS” comes into the picture. We are dedicated to providing expert personnel with the ability to deliver an event that will be remembered for its impact and professionalism. An event, which runs smoothly, will be received favorably by the entire audience and remembered long after

UDUPAS is renowned for its reputation and global vision. A team of young and energetic professionals from all facets of the service, entertainment and event industries, “UDUPAS” is a refreshing, vibrant company that continually creates unique, exclusive events leaving clients with a lasting impression.


Aluminum Tents : Water, Wind, and Fire Proof Aluminum Tents from Germany With a span of 12 Mtr, 18 Mtr, and 25 Mtr. Small Pagodas of size 6Mtr * 6Mtr, and 3Mt r*3 Mtr.

Super Structure: Pre Fabricated Tubular Super Structure with A/C or Non A/C With a span of 80’, 60’, 40’, 30’, 20’.

Theming , Decorations, and Backdrops

Stage: Pre fabricated Stage using 19mm Plywood, and M.S pipes – Height of the stage is 11’, 7’, 6’, 5’, 4’, 3’, 2.5’, 2’, 1’, 0.6’ (dance Floor)

Furniture: Sofas – 2 Seater, and 3 seater, Couch, Banquet Chairs, Cushion Chairs, Plastic Chairs – with Arm and without Arm, Rosewood Head Table Chairs, Tables – Banquet Table, Square table, Round Table, Tepoys, Bar Stool, with table cloth and frill, mattresses, gaddas, bolsters,

Octonorm Stalls: Exhibition Stalls using Aluminum Pillars , channels and white color pre-laminated sheets – 4 mtr * 4 Mtr, 3 mts * 3 mts, 2 mts * 2 mts, Etc and can be converted to any size based on the clients requirement.

Platfrom: Wooden platform using M.S Pipes and 19mm Plwood

Pipe Shamiyana: Pre-fabricated pipe Shamiyana with white color cloth ceiling

Sidewalls: white color cloth sidewalls- height – 10’ , and 12’